You win some, you lose some (Follow me on Pawoo)

Well Knights, such is life, I suppose.

For the last 10 days BuKnight has been bumped down in priority a little as I shifted focus to the remaking of my personal website,  maintenance and life in general. Still, I aim to give you guys something on regular basis, as promised, and so when I was not caught up with those I was facing off my ar(t)ch-nemesis: anatomy.

Those who know me (few of you) know well that drawing has been an issue for me since the very beginning. I can't cover up every enemy with thick robes. I don't intend so share all bits and pieces of my progress on that front, that's not what these devlogs are for. Therefore, I hereby invite you to join me over at Pawoo (Pixiv's Mastodon server) where I post tiny updates and sketches so you will not miss a thing.

As we move onto the phase where new, bigger, more detailed enemies have to be introduced into the game, these devlogs will likely slow down as well while I'm learning. 9/10 of my sketches end up in the bin instead of online, even fewer will probably be good enough to be turned into a full fledged digital work; but I don't want to leave you all hanging.

Hope you will understand.


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